Welcome North Carolina Farmers!

Welcome NC Farmers to North Carolina Farm and Land!

Our ancestors have fought with stones for centuries and we are still fighting! Stones in the field bring about huge costs every year when they cause harvesting machines to break down! And you can’t only calculate the harvesting machine repair cost, there is also a lot of lost working hours. Harvesting can easily be delayed up to a week or more, depending on what has broken down on the machine. Loss of working hours means lost income! To help the situation, elho rock pickers designed the Scorpio 550 fully hydraulic driven stone collector.

Picking stones efficiently, a fully functioning sift, a large working width and durability of the machine have been the main goals when creating the Scorpio. The machine is equipped with, among other things, a fully hydraulic drive, which directs the power to where the demand is greatest. This prevents the machine from breaking down if it gets blocked. The large and durable lifting tines are flexible in all directions. The tines do not break

North Carolina is a beautiful state with a lot to offer.  But as buycbdproducts day culture advances further away in grocery stores we often forget where the food is coming from and who we should be supporting.  We want to support YOU, the NC Farmer. Well, here is another opportunity to grow your brand and business.

We want to hear your story and learn more about your farm. So promote your brand!  Send us your story with some photographs of your farm or family and we’ll make your story is known to other Carolina Agricultural Buffs.  Videos are accepted as well, just upload them to you tube and send us the link and embed code.

email NCFarmer @ NorthCarolinaFarmsandLand . com

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